My Journey at Capital One

Web and Mobile Product Design & Project Lead | December 2016–Present

Crazy 8's exploration for the Small Business Bank Servicing Platform Migration and Redesign

Crazy 8's exploration for the Small Business Bank Servicing Platform Migration and Redesign

For the past year, I’ve worked to improve the digital banking experience for Capital One Small Business Bank customers.

  • I've created frameworks to meet customer needs while simultaneously enabling faster design and engineering work in the long run

  • I’ve brought product and engineering partners along for the design journey to help them understand the process and decisions — ultimately showing them the value in design

  • I’ve gotten to know our customers through user research and kept them in the center of all my projects

  • I’ve driven and facilitated day-to-day design work and co-creation design workshops

  • I’ve translated customer and business needs into actionable plans and work for my design team and partners


Highlights of my work include:

Onboarding New Customers to Their Digital Bank

Working on a small design team, I helped figure out how to welcome new users into their digital bank account and get set up. I used customer experience metaphors throughout the process to help the design and product teams think about onboarding conceptually before diving into sketches and wireframes.

29 Moments: Fast Fixes for Product Consistency 

The onboarding work highlighted a number of places where the web and mobile experiences differed — 29 to be exact. With limited engineering resources available, I utilized low-cost methods to make improvements to the products to make them feel cohesive and thoughtful.

Adding an Authorized Signer

Adding authorized signer is an integral part of how a small business manage their finances. During this project, I designed the first automated process within the web application (previously customers had to call in) and then looked at how the product team could continue to refine the experience after the minimal viable product launched.

Cart sort for information architecture & navigation

Cart sort for information architecture & navigation


Migrating and Redesigning the Servicing Platform for Small Business Banking

Working alongside product managers, we set out to modernize the small business banking experience with guidance from design and product directors. I spent the first two months understanding the challenges, analyzing past work and research, defining the approach, mission statement and goals with teams across the country. Just as we were about to transition into the first design phase, a re-org was announced and work shifted. This shift gave myself and the design team working on this project one month to wrap up and hand-off the work to the product team to continue. During this time period, I kept the same approach that was previously planned but I sped up the timelines drastically with the goal of creating concepts for the information architecture, navigation, and wireframes to enable the product team to have meaningful conversations around these concepts as they carry the work forward.


To learn more about my work at Capital One, send me an email and say hello.