Claim Change: Support Fair Pay

Identity, Print, Installation, Motion, Web | Spring 2010

Project Background

Claim Change was started by Vanessa Koch in 2009 to publicize wage discrepancies in the City of Pittsburgh. I joined her shortly thereafter to help develop a guerrilla-style grassroots campaign to increase awareness about this wage gap, publicize the Paycheck Fairness Act and motivate action.

My Responsibilities

  • Contributed to all brainstorming sessions
  • Branding & identity
  • Layout for installation panels
  • Layout for postcards

We Made…

  • Three-sided, 6-foot tall installations
  • Informational postcards that went on the installations
  • Change collection boxes
  • Motion graphic videos
  • Website

Installations were strategically placed on college campuses to target graduating students—particularly women about to enter the job market. Each side of the installation had a slot so the side could be filled with coins, representing the need for fair pay.


A short video about Equal Pay Day 2010