Echo: A Micro News App

Identity, iPhone, Web | Fall 2010


Project Background

For my senior studio class in Fall 2010 I was tasked with developing a new product, service, or experience that could be useful or beneficial for society.

About Echo

Echo allows users to post events they witness instantly, allowing emergence of community trends that might not ordinarily be noticed as multiple individual observations coalesce into larger stories and events. By seeing patterns develop and tracking events users gain knowledge about their community.

My Process

I began by researching social media. I looked specifically at how society interacts with social media, how social media has changed society so drastically within a relatively short time period, and how it might be used to have a more meaningful impact on society.

Examining what qualified as “news” on the web led to the concept of “micro news,” smaller events that might not be reported by the larger traditional news outlets, and to the creation of Echo. Along with extensive research, the process included brain storming sessions, rapid prototyping, initial mockups, and final wireframes.

For a complete in-depth look at my process, click here to download my process book (PDF).

View trending reports within your community

View trending reports within your community

View reports on a map

View reports on a map

Echo: Flow & Interface Demo

A map showing the flow of Echo