Let's Talk! Web & Mobile Product Design

Web & Mobile Product Design | October 2013–April 2014


In October 2013, I started working on the designing, developing and deploying of a new product to help increase community engagement between school districts and their communities. The team consisted of myself, a project manger, the engineering team, and was lead by K12 Insight's CEO.

  • Lead brainstorming and ideation sessions with the team
  • Developed early user interface prototypes for the web app and refined the concepts into final wireframes with feedback from the team
  • Built specification guides to provide to the engineering team and worked with them to guide project to completion
  • After the web version was up and running, I was also responsible for designing a comparable mobile version—this process included everything from early ideation and storyboarding, to creating wireframes, mockups, and the final specifications

Please note, not all work can be shown due to confidentiality agreements.


Sketches for layout and flow


Motion Graphics & Marketing

While designing Let's Talk!, I was simultaneously responsible for marketing for the product. This included updating the website and creating ads and other print materials as well as several motion graphics videos to help promote the product. I was responsible for the initial concept ideation, storyboarding, the visual appearance and working with the copywriters to finesse the script. Once the storyboards were complete, I was in charge of coordinating the work with other designers to animate the videos and getting the voiceover recording.

Video storyboards

Video storyboards


Marketing Materials

Sample buttons for school districts to put on their websites to promote Let's Talk! in their community.